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Davis Catalytic Converter Recycling, Scrap Metal

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Davis Recycling Incorporated

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50 West Town Street, Suite 700
Columbus, Ohio 43215
Phone: 614-644-3020
50 W. Broad Street, Suite 1718, Columbus, Ohio 43215
Phone: 614-224-3383 Fax: 614-752-9188

Laws and Regulations
The state's 88 counties are organized into 52 solid waste management districts (SWMDs). Each SWMD must prepare a solid waste management plan, approved by the Ohio EPA, demonstrating how it will achieve the state's mandated recycling goals. A new state solid waste management plan was adopted in 2001, consisting of 8 recycling goals, in which 2 of these goals are considered "main" goals. SWMDs, in their solid waste management plans, have the option of picking whether they want to meet goal 1 or goal 2. They can try to meet both goals, but they are only required to meet one or the other. Goal 1 focuses on providing access to municipal solid waste recycling opportunities, such as drop-offs and crubside programs, to at least 90% of the residential population in each county of the SWMD. Goal 2 states that SWMDs have to reduce and/or recycle 25% of municipal solid waste and 66% of industrial waste. SWMDs have to meet the goals within three years after obtaining approval of their solid waste management plan from the Ohio EPA. Ohio's statewide diversion goal is 50% by 2005. In 2002, the state recycled 44.59% of waste generated (21.48% of municipal solid waste and 63.69% of industrial waste).
According to Ohio Revised Code Section 3704.16, tampering means "to remove permanently, bypass, defeat, or render inoperative, in whole or in part, any emission control system that is installed on or in a motor vehicle". Tampering includes acts such as removing the catalytic converter from a vehicle and installing a straight pipe, removing the substrate from inside the catalytic converter ("cleaning" it out), removing an air pump or disabling the air pump by removing the air pump belt, or installing a nonstandard thermostatic air cleaner. http://www.epa.state.oh.us/dapc/echeck/other_programs/tamper.html

Catalytic Converter Companies
[an error occurred while processing this directive] Select-Arc, Inc. - Fort Loramie, OH -
Company Profile: Product Sheet - ...applications involving the fabrication of automotive exhaust systems. Specific applications include the welding of catalytic converters, mufflers, manifolds and other exhaust system components....
American Engineering Group, LLC - Akron, OH -
Company Profile: RUBBER MATERIAL DIRECTORY - ...Heat Tape Hose Heat Protection Insulator Mats Thermal Barrier Coating Catalytic Converters Oxidation Catalyst Reduction Catalyst Headers Header Bolts ...
M & M Metal Forming Machinery, Inc. - Fairfield, OH -
Company Profile: Worldwide Supplier Of Metal Forming/Spinning Machinery, Used In The Manufacturer Of Reflectors, Cookware, Flag Poles, Communication Dishes, Ventilation Equipment, Catalytic Converters, Wheels, Gears,...

Educational Opportunities

  • Ohio State University Recycling
  • Recycle, Ohio!
  • Ohio University Recycling
  • Association of Ohio Recyclers

    ...even though cars and trucks now emit 90 percent less smog than in 1970, ozone levels have declined only 30 percent in that time. That is because more people drive more miles each year. Additionally, the 1999 EPA initiative mandated oil refiners to lower the sulfur content in gasoline, in part because sulfur clogs catalytic converters which clean car exhaust. http://www.ohvec.org/old_site/air07.htm - Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition
    New Tailpipe Emission Standards with an emphasis on NOx reduction. New Tailpipe Emissions Standards for heavier vehicles, including minivans and sport utility vehicles. New Sulfur Content Standards for gasoline. Lowering sulfur emissions in gasoline will increase the efficiency of catalytic converters used to control NOx emissions from cars and trucks. Ohio Environmental Growth Alliance - http://www.ohiogrowth.com/news/editorials.htm

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