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Davis Catalytic Converter Recycling, Scrap Metal

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Davis Recycling Incorporated

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1601 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, NC 27699-1601
Phone: 919-733-4984 Fax: 919-715-3060
1639 Mail Service Center, Raleigh NC 27699-1639
Phone: (919) 715-6500 (800) 763-0136
301 N. Wilmington St., Suite 700, Raleigh, NC 27601
Tel: (919) 733-2090 Fax: (919) 715-0725


    Laws and Regulations
    1989 Solid Waste Management Act established a 25% waste reduction goal by June 30, 1993. State did not meet the 1993 goal. 1991 amendment added a 40% waste reduction goal by June 30, 2001. The statewide goal was not met, although several counties achieved the state's waste reduction goal. By June 1, 2001, each local government must have submitted a plan that includes a goal for the reduction of municipal solid waste and a further goal of continued reduction by 2006. 2002-2003 recovery rates for different programs include 38% for curbside, 44% drop-off, 1% mixed-waste, and 17% for other programs.
    The Clean Smokestacks Act was signed into law by North Carolina Gov. Mike Easley in 2002 to reduce emissions from coal-fired power plants in the state. An SCR uses selective catalytic reduction to convert nitrogen oxides to nitrogen and water through a chemical reaction with ammonia. A similar type of SCR is a car's catalytic converter. http://www.progress-energy.com/environment/cleanair.asp

    Catalytic Converter Companies
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    Company Profile: ...degree F. Applications include heat shields, expansion joint & packing material, exhaust systems, muffler packing, catalytic converters, kiln, furnace, boiler, incinerator linings, pit cover...

    Educational Opportunities

  • North Carolina Recycling Business Study
  • University of North Carolina Recycling Study
  • Earthshare of North Carolina

    ... money used for recycling glass could be better spent on other, more prevalent materials. ... glass on average accounts for less than 1 percent. Of residential waste, newsprint is No. 1. The department plans to re-evaluate the glass-recycling program when the drop-off center moves to its new transfer station on Indiana Street later this spring. Once it makes a final decision on whether to resume or nix the program, the department will notify the public. For now, Roanoke Valley residents will have one last option for recycling their brown and green bottles. The Montgomery Regional Solid Waste Authority, which draws from localities in the New River Valley, is still accepting both clear and colored glass. http://www.roanoke.com/news/roanoke/wb/113136
    At North Carolina State University, researchers developing a catalytic converter for use on spacecraft have begun adapting the technology for swine operations. Unlike most catalytic converters, this version would use ultraviolet light instead of heat to neutralize contaminants. As they adapt this technology for use on swine farms, researchers will attempt to incorporate low-cost components such as commercial fluorescent bulbs, and will test the rates at which various odorous compounds degrade. Because the compounds that cause swine odors occur in relatively low concentrations, it may be possible to treat them using a compact, economical converter. http://www.ces.ncsu.edu/whpaper/SwineOdor.html

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