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Davis Catalytic Converter Recycling, Scrap Metal

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Davis Recycling Incorporated

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Augusta (Main Office and Central Maine Regional Office - CMRO)
17 State House Station • Augusta, Maine 04333-0017
(207)287-7688 • (800)452-1942
TTY (Hearing Impaired) (800)492-0859
Bangor (Eastern Maine Regional Office - EMRO)
106 Hogan Road • Bangor, Maine 04401
(207)941-4570 • (888)769-1137 • FAX (207)941-4584
Portland (Southern Maine Regional Office - SMRO)
312 Canco Road • Portland, Maine 04103
(207)822-6300 • (888)769-1036 • FAX (207)822-6303
Presque Isle (Northern Maine Regional Office - NMRO)
1235 Central Drive • Skyway Park • Presque Isle, Maine 04769
(207)764-0477 • (888)769-1053 • FAX (207)760-3143

Laws and Regulations
1989 law established a 50% recycling goal for Maine municipalities. The 50% goal 'date' has been extended twice and now is 'by 2003.' The statewide recycling rate is calculated every two years, using municipal solid waste program management data from both the public and private sectors. The state's definition of municipal solid waste includes construction and demolition waste, unlike the EPA's definition of municipal solid waste. Maine's statewide recycling rate in 2001 was 37.3%. However, if the EPA definition was used, the statewide recycling rate was 42.6%. Assistance to Maine communities, who are responsible for management of solid waste, is provided through the state's Planning Office, Waste Management & Recycling Program.

Catalytic Converter Companies
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Company Profile: About Platinum Plating - ...and in the manufacturing of fertilizers, acids, and explosives. The automotive industry uses platinum plated catalytic converters to treat automobile exhaust emission. In the medical industry,...

Educational Opportunities

  • Maine Recycling
  • Maine Resource Recovery Association
  • EcoMaine Recycling
  • Environment Maine

    The catalytic converter, an invention that has sharply reduced smog from cars, has now become a significant and growing cause of global warming, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Hailed as a miracle by Detroit automakers even today, catalytic converters have been reducing smog for 20 years. The converters break down compounds of nitrogen and oxygen from car exhaust that can combine with hydrocarbons, also from cars, and be cooked by sunlight into smog. But researchers have suspected for years that the converters sometimes rearrange the nitrogen-oxygen compounds to form nitrous oxide, known as laughing gas. And nitrous oxide is a potent greenhouse gas, more than 300 times more potent than carbon dioxide, the most common of the gases, that is warming the atmosphere, according to experts. ... Ned Sullivan, the head of the Maine Department of Environmental Protection, said the converter problem requires a "comprehensive" response. "This specific issue fits into a broader context that our regulatory system has tended to deal with pollutants on an individual, rather than a comprehensive, basis," he said. http://www.sepp.org/Archive/controv/controversies/catalytic.html

    UMaine Engineering Students Gear Up for International Snowmobile Challenge. ... McNaughton and four other students are installing a sensor system that will analyze exhaust gases and send a signal to a microcontroller. Using instructions written by the students, the microcontroller will adjust the signals sent to the engine’s stock engine control unit to make better use of the catalytic converter that was adapted to the engine by last year’s UMaine team. This combination will keep exhaust gases as clean as possible. “The catalytic converter reduced hydrocarbon emissions from about 130 parts per million to about 20,” said McNaughton. “With the new engine electronics, we think we have gotten that down to about 12. This compares to 1600 parts per million for the 2-stroke Ski-Doo we worked on three years ago, and that was with some significant tuning improvements!” http://www.umaine.edu/News/article.asp?id_no=407

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